Norton software protects the system that it is installed on. You can also secure your phone data by downloading the Norton antivirus. To get more security in your device, Norton antivirus permits the users to place the lock in their installed applications. Norton has knowledge of the footprints of viruses and malicious codes and also provides web protection to users. If you like the features of the Norton antivirus and want to download, install and activate Norton antivirus on your device, then go to

norton setup

Downloading the Norton Setup

The users cannot download the Norton antivirus on their computer if any of the antivirus software already installed on their computer. The other thing the users have to check if the Norton antivirus is supported in their device. The next step is to pair the system to the users home Wi-Fi. The steps are listed below to download the Norton software on the device:

•    Tap on the URL of Norton antivirus to move towards its download procedure.

•    When the Norton webpage gets loaded, press on the login.

•    Type the required details.

•    By moving to the front webpage of Norton antivirus, tap on the “Download Norton product.”

•    After that, type the identification key.

•    Press on the “Next” option.

•    While the policies page gets open on the screen, press on the “I Agree” option to move towards the download process.

•    After that, the Norton setup will start downloading.

Installing the Norton Setup

While the users purchase the Norton antivirus product by visiting the Norton official website or setup disk from the market, the users can start the installing Norton setup now. Here’s how:

•    Visit the Norton setup downloaded file by going to the “Downloads” folder.

•    Tap right mouse button on the Norton setup downloaded the file.

•    Then, choose “Run as Administrator” button.

•    The users will get the UAC page on the screen. Press on “Continue.”

•    Go after the instructions listed on the display.

•    Allow the installation to get over.

Activating the Norton Setup

Now the users need to activate the installed Norton product, don’t forget to keep the activation key with you. This activation key will help the users to start using their purchased Norton product. Go through the step by step procedure listed below for the Norton product activation procedure:

•    Open the inbox by logging in to the Norton connected email ID. Click on the activation code link to get the 25-digit alphanumeric product key.

•    You have to write down the identification key provided in the mail on

•    In case the users are using the “Windows 10”. Press on the “Start” button and after that, visit the “Applications or All Applications” page.

•    After that, open the installed Norton antivirus and press on that symbol.

•    The users will get the “Activate” button and choose that button which is located on the front page of the Norton antivirus.

•    Type the 25-digit alphanumeric activation code in the checkbox.

•    Once you typed the activation code, go to the “Next” option.

•    Read the information provided on the activation webpage of the Norton antivirus product.

•    The purchased Norton antivirus product is completely activated on the users’ device.