The Norton antivirus provides complete security from the present viruses and also from those which will be formed in the future. Don’t forget to update the Norton antivirus to its latest version. It provides real-time monitoring and works quietly in the background. After downloading and installing the Norton setup, activate it with the product key at

setup norton

How to Download Norton Setup?

Confirm that there should be no other antivirus already installed on the device. After checking it, go to the download procedure of Norton antivirus. Norton antivirus will not work with another antivirus on the device. Once you had completed this procedure, then follow the steps given below for starting the download process of Norton setup:

•    The users have to get to know that their system meet the requirements of the Norton setup before they start the download procedure of the Norton product.

•    Open the website link and tap on the “Log In” option.

•    Type Login information. In case the users do not forget their username or registered password.

•    After that, tap on the “Forgot the password” option.

•    After tapping on the above-mentioned option, the users can quickly recover their forgotten password.

•    If the users are not the existing member of Norton setup, then create a Norton account by tapping on the “Log In” option.

•    In case the users have different Norton account, sign in from the Norton account which they used to purchase the Norton setup.

•    Once the users had gone through its logging in procedure, permit the front page for start loading.

•    By going to the pull-down list of the entire available Norton products, they have to choose any one product they wish to get on their computer.

•    Then, tap on the “Download” option.

•    After that, wait till the download procedure of Norton setup gets completed on the computer.

How to Install Norton Setup?

Once the users had checked that their Norton product is completed downloading, then move to the installation procedure on the system. The instructions for installing Norton setup on the system is mentioned below:

•    Go to the download place of the Norton installed file.

•    Search the downloaded setup folder and after that click twice on the Norton setup.

•    The users will get the option for allowing the Norton software to create changes on their system. For proceeding to the next steps for installation, tap on the “Yes” option.

•    After that, the downloaded setup will start installing on the system automatically.

•    The installing process of Norton setup will take a few minutes to complete.

How to Activate Norton Setup?

The activating process needs the product key to complete. Find the identification key whether on the linked email ID of Norton or under the compact disk of Norton setup. Follow the steps given below to activate Norton setup on the device:

•    By going to the “All programs” option located in the “Start” pull-down menu, tap on the “Norton” application.

•    In case the Norton setup is activated automatically, then the only thing the users have to do is to accept the Norton legal policies.

•    In case the users do not go through its activation procedure yet, then they have to follow the steps mentioned below.

•    The users will get two options on their screen whether to activate the Norton product through the Wi-Fi network or from the mobile data.

•    Tap on the “Internet” button.

•    In case the users do not sign in already, then they have to enter the email address and password on the Norton log in page.

•    Now, type the 25-digit alphanumeric identification key in the given section.

•    Ensure that the identification key is authorized.

•    Once the users have entered the identification code, then they can use their downloaded, installed and activated Norton product.